Grow your music fan base, increase music streams, and music video views with ENDS Music Marketing Service

Grow your music fanbase with a successful music launch and music marketing strategy to help you 

Music Marketing Service
Making it in the music industry starts with having hit song or successful music launch, then building you strong clout following. Having your music available on as many outlets as possible as well as shoutouts from reputable brands. A reputable music brand will give your music career the support and foundation it needs to grow and generate more income. With ENDS your music brand, career, and music launches will successfully reach your target listening audience while helping you gain new fans. 

ENDS Music Marketing Service Features:

1000 Radio THL ( Total Hours Listened)

ENDS Media will spin your record on our online Hip-Hop and R&B Radio. Your music will be played until it reaches a 1000 total listening worldwide.

Music Instagram Posting

ENDS Media will post your music to our music Instagram page as well in our Instagram story.

YouTube Upload + Youtube Promotion(optional)

ENDS Media, will upload your music to our music YouTube channel and promote your video if needed or wanted.

Youtube or Video and Music Stream Blog Posting (Featured on 3 Music Blogs)

ENDS Media will write and post 3 articles featuring your music stream embed and music video embed on 3 different music blogs

Podcast Episode about your movement

ENDS Media will create a podcast based around you and your music while also giving listeners a listing session of your music. All episodes will be posted on ENDS Media Blog as well

Music Twitter Posting

ENDS Media will post your music and articles to multiple twitter accounts

Music Facebook Posting

ENDS Media will post your music to multiple Facebook influencer pages as well as Facebook page stories.
Music Pinterest Posting
ENDS Media will post your music link and images to music influencers pages ensuring your music will get re-shares.

Upload Music to ENDS Music Stream with ENDS Music Review Article

ENDS Music will upload your music to our ENDS Music Stream and create you a music review article

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