Benefits of Joining ENDS The Family

Recognized on ENDS Platforms

We will either mention you on ENDS Podcast, our Videos, or our social media accounts highlighting you and any invlolvements you may want public

Make Money with Us

We want to extend the opportunity to make money using your voice, talent, or skils. We partner with brands and business as well as have our own services that will pay you commission and certian serives and programs have reoccrring payouts.

Free Advertisement and Promotion

Marketing agencies will normally charge you to manage and run social media advertisments, We DONT. Meaning we take content that was either created by you,for you, or featuring you on our platforms and run Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube ad's tailored torwards your target niche or region.

Free Merchandise, Vouchers, and More Monthly

Every month we will ship you free ENDS Merchadise and/or give you free service voucher every month to help you with your business or branding needs, services provided by ENDS Media LLC marketing team

Publishing to Niche Audience Sites

Publish your videos, articles, music, media and more to sites and profiles that are tailored to a specific audience. Unlimited posting to audiences and platforms that are about Cars, Music, Finance, Health, community and more

Full-Access To ENDS Content

Not only do you get access to content like Podcast, Articles, Photography, but also Webinar, Live Stream, and more

How it Works

Becoming a member and getting your bennefits is simple.
  • 1. Select Membership Type

    Based on your interested and benefits you desire, select a membership that fits your liking.

  • 2. Make Payment

    By using patreon we can accept just about any form of payment, with the best security making sure your information is protected

  • 3. Gain Access to members resources

    One of the biggest bonuses to being a member is the benefits, in your portal you will have direct access to those resources and support

  • 4. Began benifiting from being a ENDS Family Member

    Once you have become a member and found your resources you can now began enjoy and benifiting from subscribing and being a ENDS Family Member

    We Are The Voice of The Culture

    We are dedicated to providing space, resources, and voice the culture, but it takes a family effort.Lets build #ENDS

    Meet The Team

    Our process on creating awesome projects.
    Jovan Shabazz

    Born and raised in the city of Detorit,Mi he turn his cultural influence to build a company that specialized in displayiong value.

    ENDS Media Detroit

    Handling the Eastern Midwestern states and neighboring areas, the Detroit team brings that hardwork mentality that was birth in Detroit during the peak of the automotive industry

    ENDS Media Twin Cities

    The ENDS Media Twin-City team is well equipped to handle the biggest or the smallest projects, handling the outreach to the western states of the Mississippi

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